Selling Online?

Our Services for Online Sellers

 Sell your products to a massive audience you might not currently be reaching today. We can assist you to sell on our different marketplaces.

This is list of our service for selling on Amazon; the list could be customized based on customers' business:


  • Products simulation on Amazon and price analysis
  • Consulting on products packaging and labeling
  • Opening an Amazon account under your company name
  • Listing current and future products
  • Creating shipping plans
  • Logistics Coordination from origin to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers
  • Monthly Sales report (product and geographical reports)
  • Monthly FBA inventory reconciliation (shipments/current inventory at FBA/sold and shipped inventories/returned inventories)
  • Running and monitoring advertising campaigns
  • Answering customers' inquiries
  • Managing customers returns
  • Reviewing Amazon bi-weekly statements